Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning services include inspection and cleaning of equipment components. If an AC technician spots anything that looks worn out, they can recommend replacement.

They also check if water is leaking in your air conditioner. They drain the condensate and eliminate any dirt or mold around the drain line.



A well-functioning air conditioner can make the difference between a comfortable summer and an uncomfortably hot one. It can help your family stay cool and healthy, especially if you have elderly members of the household who can suffer from high temperatures.

A professional will inspect, clean and repair the components that create cold air in your home. They will check the system’s refrigerant levels and look for any other leaks that could compromise its ability to produce cold air.

Your air conditioning service technician can also identify issues that can affect the efficiency of your unit, such as a dirty filter that prevents it from performing properly. This could lead to higher electricity bills and a less effective cooling performance. Regular maintenance will avoid this problem and keep your system running smoothly throughout the year. This will also save on energy costs. Air conditioning services can include replacement of parts like the fan, evaporator coils and compressor, among others.

Humidity Control

Humidity control is a vital component of good air conditioning. Getting the indoor moisture level to that 40-60 percent sweet spot significantly reduces the spread of bacteria, germs and other airborne organisms that can cause illness or worsen health conditions.

The average family adds three gallons of water to the indoor air daily through breathing, perspiration, laundry and cooking. During proper air conditioner maintenance, the system removes this humidity as it passes through the evaporator coil and condensation line.

Rather than buying portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers that require regular cleaning, consider having whole-home solutions installed with your new AC installation. Integrated with your smart thermostat, these units can automatically monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and make adjustments as needed to keep the humidity in that ideal range. This improves comfort and extends the life of your air conditioning system. It also prevents mold and mildew from growing and keeps clothing dry. In addition, it helps to prevent respiratory problems like allergies and asthma.

Smart Thermostats

Unlike old-fashioned programmable thermostats, smart ones take much of the guesswork out of when to turn your system on and off. They also provide key details about your energy usage, such as how many hours you run your heating and cooling system each day.

Some smart thermostats can even learn your comings and goings and switch to an energy-conserving mode when the house is empty. They do this via motion sensors or by checking your location (also known as geofencing). This feature plays a big role in CR’s ratings for this category of products.

Almost all smart thermostats have mobile app control, so you can make adjustments from your phone. However, the specific features offered by each model differ. Be sure to compare carefully to find the best one for your needs. Also, be sure your home has a common wire for constant power, which most smart thermostats require. Check the backplate to see if there is a connection labeled with a “C.” If not, you’ll need to have an electrician add a C-wire before installing your new thermostat.


A new air conditioning system can help you save money in the long run. Modern systems are more efficient than older models, so they’ll lower your utility bills. Plus, you can get energy rebates from local utilities to make the upgrade even more affordable.

A qualified technician can help you demystify the different options available when it comes to an AC replacement, including heat pumps, mini-splits, and central air systems. They can also explain any additional costs you might incur, like replacing your air ducts or upgrading your electrical service to accommodate the new unit.

If your AC starts and stops frequently, it may be a sign of a low refrigerant level or a problem with the evaporator coil or air filter. During an AC servicing, the technician will check these components and clean them to keep your system in good working order.

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