New Zealand Interior Design Firms

The interiors of New Zealand’s subsidy halls are a fascinating look into the history of the country’s past. Jack researched these halls and made copies of archival drawings to add to the written archives. His work is a testament to New Zealand’s history. It also reveals the role of the arts in shaping the culture of the country.


Leigh Aston’s Instagram account


If you follow Leigh Aston on Instagram, you’ve probably already noticed her beautiful home. Her pictures are so beautiful, and her decorating ideas are affordable, too. Leigh lives in a modest home in Christchurch, New Zealand, and she’s a DIYer who loves to redecorate. Her style is fun and exciting, and she uses bold, dark colours.


Atelier Jones Design


Atelier Jones Design is a New Zealand-based design studio that focuses on multidisciplinary designs. The company was founded by architectural designer Raimana Jones. The pieces they create are handmade and manufactured locally. The company’s award-winning designs are inspired by the Bauhaus movement, which revolutionised materials work and responded to societal needs.


The firm has a range of services, and a portfolio that spans commercial, residential, and installation design. Their work is informed by the hectic urban lifestyle and the restful qualities of nature. They are keen observers of the micro interactions we have with spaces and are constantly striving to find solutions that improve the practicalities of everyday life.


Gubb Design Ltd


Gubb Design is a boutique architectural design practice based in West Auckland. They provide architectural services to clients across the greater Auckland region. Gubb Design is dedicated to providing the highest level of client service, and their guiding principles include thorough communication and attention to detail. The firm’s goal is to create unique design solutions for each client, while also keeping them fully engaged throughout the entire process.


The company was established by Matt Gubb in 2010 after a period of working overseas on high-end residential projects. Before starting the business, he completed a joinery apprenticeship in Wairarapa, New Zealand. This experience helped him to understand how the industry worked and how to manage people.


Pocketspace Interiors


Pocketspace Interiors is an award-winning interior NZ design business that specialises in changing space and creating new spaces. Founded by Laura Heynike, the company has grown into a five-person team and a full pipeline of projects. It received the EO New Zealand President’s Choice Award for 2022 and is known for its creative design approach and construction expertise.


Pocketspace is located in Auckland and Grey Lynn. It is open Monday-Friday, 08:00 – 16:00.


DB Interiors


DB Interior NZ specialises in transforming the workplace environment, focusing on creating spaces that enhance employee productivity, wellbeing, and loyalty. They offer a complete end-to-end office fit-out service and are committed to delivering on their clients’ vision. They pay attention to detail and ensure that projects run smoothly and deliver a great employee experience.


DB Interiors NZ is a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years experience in the construction industry. The team specialises in the design, refurbishment, and supply of office furniture. They use their wealth of knowledge and experience to create office environments that are both beautiful and functional.


Tonic Interiors


Tonic Interiors specialise in delivering stylish, full interior design solutions for Wellington, Manawatu, and Wairarapa residents. Their philosophy is to create environmentally friendly, stylish homes that promote wellbeing. Lead by Rennie, the team uses materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and safe for the environment.

Their blog offers regular articles on the latest interior trends. Their cost-efficient plans and modern designs encourage people to build new homes. Their creative team includes Evie, a British born creative, and Mal, a 30 year industry veteran who has helped promote NZ design internationally.

Hello Saturday


Hello Saturday is an interior design company based in central Auckland that specialises in innovative interiors for renovations and new-builds. Their award-winning designs are sure to add style and sophistication to your home. They are happy to work with you to bring your design ideas to life. They also offer design services for commercial and industrial premises.


Mary-Ellen Hinton is the founder and lead interior designer of Hello Saturday Ltd. She is an excellent visual designer with a real passion for contemporary spaces. She can help you style one room, or the whole house. She can also help you declutter and organize your house, so that it has a modern, clean look. Hinton has a diploma in interior design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She is a mum of three school-age children.

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