Pelican Air Cases – Serious Kit For All Your Adventures

Designed to be 40 percent lighter than Pelican’s Protector and Storm Case lines without sacrificing strength, the Air line utilizes honeycombed structural elements that reduce structural plastic and weight. This makes the case strong enough to stand on, while still being a rolling airline carry-on size and featuring molded handles and business card holders.


The Pelican Air series is made to get your gear from here to there. Up to 40% lighter than polymer cases with the same incredible protection you trust, these travel hard cases are serious kit for all your adventures.

Pelican shaved off weight from every surface of the case while making it stronger, including cutting the handle down to size and squeezing out unnecessary structural waste. They even redesigned the latches to be easier and safer to use – although they still require quite a bit of force.

They also opted for soft padded dividers and Pick N Pluck foam instead of solid plastic in order to save even more weight. This helps with the ergonomics of the case, but more importantly it allows you to create a custom interior for your equipment. This means you can keep all your expensive camera gear together in one place, and organize the more delicate bits of equipment into their own section.


For decades, Pelican cases have been protecting the equipment of photographers, film makers, and video professionals. Their website features stories of lion attacks, explosions, and shifting pack ice that have destroyed other equipment but left a Pelican case intact.

With airlines cracking down on luggage size and weight, Pelican responded with the AIR series of cases that are up to 40% lighter than their standard counterparts without sacrificing durability. The AIR 1535, for example, is airline carry-on sized and has front as well as retractable extension handles and wheels that make running to catch a flight easier.

The case opens easily via press-and-pull latches that lock securely shut with a satisfying snap. It can be customized with padded dividers or Pelican’s TrekPak system which offers multiple options for organizing and storing gear. When it is rolled on the two molded uni-directional wheels, a plastic flap retains the handle either closed or fully extended so it won’t get snagged on other bags or objects.

Pelican air cases are notoriously durable. They’ve been thrown off airplanes in mid-flight, submerged underwater for days at a time, and dropped repeatedly. Whether carrying a large-format camera that might shoot the next magazine cover or a heart defibrillator that could save someone’s life, you want to be confident your gear gets from point A to point B with minimal damage.

That’s why every case is drop tested, submerged, and made to last a lifetime. But it wouldn’t be a Pelican case if it didn’t also offer superior versatility.

Air cases are up to 40 percent lighter than their Protector series counterparts, yet maintain the same legendary durability. They open easily with press-and-pull latches and close securely, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally opening during transport. And inside, your gear is secure in a customizable compartment. Choose between Pick-N-Pluck foam, padded dividers or the new TrekPak infinitly variable divider system. Or opt for a case with no foam at all for total control over the layout of your gear.

Whether you’re transporting video cameras, digital photography equipment, a drone or a variety of other tools and supplies, Pelican has the perfect case to suit your needs. The cases are available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your unique product transportation requirements.

Unlike their polymer cousins, the Air Case series is up to 40 percent lighter without sacrificing their legendary durability. This lets you carry heavy and delicate gear anywhere with confidence, knowing your equipment will make it to the shoot safely.

The Air Case line utilizes press-and-pull latches that are easier to open with one hand than traditional latches, but still lock securely shut with a reassuring snap. This case line is also the lightest in Pelican’s lineup, making it an excellent option for travelling and keeping your gear safe in transit.

Most of the cases are available with the classic Pick-N-Pluck foam, padded dividers or TrekPak divider kits, and some even come empty so you can map out your own interior layout. The rolling airline carry-on size is also ideal for travellers whose luggage policies limit the amount of weight they can check in.

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